Basic philosophy

Our key concept at Keytechnology is to make a contribution to society through the global expansion of our products,
from development to manufacture. This is to be done through our technical and human resources, as nurtured by
photo-electronic technology.

Corporate profile

Corporate name
Foundation August 1991
Establishment January 1995
Capital 28.25 million yen
Locations Head office / Shuwa Tsukiji Residence 908, 2-1-2 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo,
104-0045 Japan
Accounting period Every year on June 30
Representatives President YUJI HIRAGA
Correspondent financial institution Resona Bank, Ueno branch; MUFG Bank, Ltd., Ueno branch;
Johoku Shinkin Bank, Chuo branch
Main clients Toshiba TEC Corp.; Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.;
Sharp Corp.; Fuji Xerox Co,. Ltd.; Katsuragawa Electric Co.,LTD.
Main suppliers Naito Manufacturing Co.,LTD.; Fujico Corp.; Izumi Kokan Co.,LTD.;
Yamanaka & Co.,Ltd.
Business tie-ups R. M. Engineering Co., Ltd.
China office Installed in WELLSURE
The 3rd Industrial Zone, Tanzhou Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China


Board Members

Corporate Adviser

General Administration Department
General Management, Accounting, General and Personnel Affairs,
Sales Department Handling and import/export operations for all business items
related to domestic and overseas.
Technical Department Manufacture and development and technological consulting

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